Toronto Science Fair

Bronze Medals

Grade 7/8 Bronze

Student1 Student2 Project
Alexandra Ledas Kayla Rysinski DWC Hydroponics vs Soil Growth: Using Oregano
John Batista Musaad Hydary To Infinity and Beyond: Plan a City of the Future with Sim City
Asher Zand - - How Does Magnetism Affect Voltage?
Olena Decyk - - Protecting The World From Mosquitoes
Michael Fulsang - - Fun with Friction
Amna Alvi - - Anti-gravity Vertical Take-off
Serena Zhang - - Dirt-y Science
Ahmed Hawamdeh - - Sun Power To H2o
Nathan Hannam - - Mung Beans: A Biomarker for Soil Toxicity
Michael Husu - - Which Liquid Cleans Tarnished Copper Coins the Best?
Saharla Ali Badra Elmi Say Goodbye to Soapy Water
Tanmay Patel James Herron Winds of Power: Most Efficient Wind Energy Generation in a Moving Car
Ethan Soraine Amalia Comello Kitchen waste VS Chemical Fertilizer
Abigail Nahon-Crystal Skye-Isabella Haik Colours To Dye For
Mona Najafi Sia Mehta Soaps v.s Bacteria: How Well Do Different Soaps And Sanitizers Cleanse Our Hands Of Bacteria
Asiya Ahmed Radiya Abdirahman Addictive Additives
Abby Mattina - - The Ultimatum Game
Ryan Chan - - Enzyme Power Are enzymes effective stain removers?
Ethan Elbaz - - What Wings Make More Lift
Brianna Law< - - Dry Quicksand

Grade 9/10 Bronze

Student1 Student2 Project
Nathan Kalfon - -GlowWorms: Vintage-Inspired Genetic Engineering
Achilles Jiang Denver ShenThe Interchangeable Advanced Transit System
Lillian Rayman - -Erosion Rates of Building Materials in an Acidic Solution
Gerd Bizi Tanishq BommanThe Effect of Exercise on The Brain's Cognitive Function
Caryn Qian Russell IjayaBridging the Brain: Neuroplasticity in Ideomotor Apraxia
Adil Haider Jason CaiMicroscopic Zombies: The Brain Eating Amoeba
Chloe Rayment Bridget LatkaConversation Confusion
Charles Krane Josh KimSpray your way to a Better shelf life
Inayah Sakhawat - -Insect Magnetism
Nomi Danzig - -Acceleration from Station to Station
Manuel Isaac SanchezChloe TanHow Does the Design of an Airplane Affect Its Flight?
Nikita Greer - -The Sweet Tones of Ketones
Pamela Alamilla Alexandra BisEffects of Shutter Speed on Picture Quality

Grade 11/12 Bronze

Student1 Student2 Project
Amina Saher Hiba Yusuf Give us Your Waste, and Lessen the Stakes!
Ayesha Azam Hira Alizai Get Outta Bed!
Tasnim Kassam Amran Hirole Race for a Cool Case
Arani Kulamurugan Kimia Mirshokraei Effects of Acetylcholine on Rotenone in Lymnaea Stagnalis
Samah Adam - - Elevate Your Hygiene!
Gautham Nair Sherwin Xu Investigating Tribal Human Dynamics Through Computer Simulation
Ambrose Chan - - How do the traits and relatedness of the Fagaceae species influence how they live together in a community?
Lauryn Prummel - - The Effects of Pollen and Vitamin C on Daphnia\'s Heartbeats Per Minute
Stanley Chan Cynthia Zhao Modelling Human Behaviour in the Prisoner\'s Dilemma with Cellular Automata
Natalie Abbate Claire Cornacchia \"Scentsational Stress Reduction\" Effects of the Scent of Vanilla on Mental Stress Levels