Toronto Science Fair

Bronze Medals

Student1 Student2 Project
Lucas Wang Dennis Jia The Effects of UV Light on SAPs
Ryan Dick - - Fighting Erosion with D.I.R.T!
Megan Garzon - - When is the Healthiest Point to Consume a Banana
Emma Gillott - - Gender
Jeremy Xie - - Electrolysis
Nikita Greer Kimberley Favron Keeping You Warm
Daniel Pirvulescu - - Transforming Heat into Electricity
Emma Darini Fatima Maria Cortez Physics of Soccer
Sadman Hossain - - Maxime Acidum
Jaleelah Ammar - - Small-Scale Power Generation
David Liu Arnold Liu Menthol Cooling Effect

Student1 Student2 Project
Rose Moosavian Michelle Huang The Effects of Coca Cola on the Human Digestive System
Hannah Bowman - - Do Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate?
Kether Cape - - How Words Effect Academic Outcome
Nishtha Patel. - - CRISPR
Ammar Malick Alex Chee-Wong Original or Digital
Duncan Scott Aidan Ang Bounce Back From Injury!
Irfan Rana Yacoub Ang Give me a Ruffle Shuffle
Andrew Jamieson - - Match Point
Swetlana Kumar - - The Mirror to Your Mind
Ellen Unan Jessica Bosanac Low Cost Robot
Adriel Kere - - Zeolite Tower - Methane and Carbon Dioxide Extractor
Ahmed Hawamdeh - - Saving the World One System at a Time
Max Friedman-Cole Matthew Cohen How Your Personality Affects Your Likelihood of Volunteering.
Alexander Kurk - - Tactile Vision
Sidonia Tameshtit Nicole Langleben Effectiveness of Sensory Multitasking
Erin Pinkus - - Soap or Sanitizer? Which is Better?
Arabhi Kulamurugan - - Beneficial Bacteria in Yogurt
Christina Heal-Kowal - - Distraction Therapy
Emma Dunleavy-Lachmann - - Eggcellent Whitening

Student1 Student2 Project
Elysia Harrison Taylor Burwell Bandages of the Future
Oliver Clarke Christopher Lapena Improving Behavior on the Internet
Matthew Martin Henry Curtis-Dyck Epi-Strip: Sublingual Epinephrine for Rapid Treatment of Acute Anaphylactic Reaction and Improved Patient Compliance and Safety
Pearse O'Malley - - Evaluating Canada’s Food Guide: How Food Recommendations can be Revised to Improve Daily Nutrient Intakes for Canadians
Sultan Emaish Aswin Visva Smart Bike Helmet for Improved Safety