Toronto Science Fair

Canada Wide Awards

Student1 Student2 Project School
Rose Moosavian Adam Bizios"Can the Human Body be a Source of Energy?"Windfields Middle School
Abby Mattina- -"Time to Switch to Swicthgrass? An analysis of the absorptive capacity and moisture loss rate of livestock bedding"Bloor Collegiate Institute
Sophia Khoury- -"Cumulative effect of hand-sanitizer on home and school acquired bacterial contamination"La Citadelle Academy
Manning Whitby- -"Interpretation of Life Through Vibration Motors"Danforth CITS
Ethan Breit- -"Performant GPU Path Tracing"Western Technical & Commercial School
Mark Schawill- -"My Plants"Hudson College
Kiera Hui- -"Can Cotton Textiles be used to Clean Up Oil Spills?"Bayview Glen School