Toronto Science Fair

Gold Medals

Grade 7/8 Gold

Student1 Student2 Project
Jackson Machtinger - - Which Combination of Materials in a Homemade Electromagnet Produces the Greatest Permeability?
Daniel Solomon Jonathan Sherman Holo-Home
Bryce Warren - - Turning Residential Water Use into Power, Could it be a New Source of Energy?
Andrew Li Jeremy Xie Self Sustaining Aquaponics System
Kevin Yunqiao Liu - - Flowing Through Distinct Watersheds - Four Rivers, Born the Same, Ending Differently
Mark Schawill - - Searching for the Most Polluted Intersection in Toronto
Joey Katz Oliver TattersallAre naturopathic remedies as effective as antibiotics?

Grade 9/10 Gold

Student1 Student2 Project
Mahir Hamid - - A Starchy Revolution
Edward Shen Grace Xiong Double A Plus - An Ecofriendly Alternative to the Alkaline Battery
Chunsheng Zuo Jack Jiao What solution is the most efficient to absorb CO2 in high temperature?
Charlotte Maxwell - - How Does Laundry Detergent Effect the Environment?
Lewis Panos - - Wifi Signal Strength Through household Items

Grade 11/12 Gold

Student1 Student2 Project
Sultan Emaish Aswin Visva Translating Sign Language, one word at a time
Ajantha Nadesalingam - - Simple, But Powerful: Regulating Neutrophils With Salt in Cystic Fibrosis Lungs
(Alan) Zuoyi Zhou Ariya AskariThe Effects of Sunlight on Bacterial Growth in Water Bottles