Toronto Science Fair

Gold Medals

Student1 Student2 Project
Nain Abdi - - Don't Stress: Take a Breath!
Riker Wong Roni Kant The Science of Evolution
Stefan Hudea Fiona Xu Automatic Fridge Door Closer
John Voudouris Anthony Romani Filter Your Way to Clean Water
Gabrielle Walji - - Whitening Toothpaste - Hoax or Hero?
Mateo Gjinali - - Does food grow germs underwater?

Student1 Student2 Project
Maddie Dick - - Driving While Intechxicated
Ana Sophia Rashid-Cocker - - Electricity From The Unlikely
Gerd Bizi - - The Effects of Water Volume and Albedo on the Temperature Increase of Water
Andrew Pun Joshua Xiao Electromagnetic Train
Dhrumil Patel - - Bacterial Computers

Student1 Student2 Project
Jing Wang Yi Yuan Ma Cancer Detection With Artificial Intelligence
Geetkaur ASHA Grewal Andy Wang Carbon Engineering: Direct Air Capture