Toronto Science Fair

Mandatory School Registration Form

School registration is now open!

School Registration Form

The present form has two purposes.

  1. The first purpose is to allow you to register your school's intent to participate, so that we can email to you a set of passwords that will allow you or your school's students to register projects for the Toronto Fair. This school registration is a mandatory part of the registration process.
  2. The second purpose is to allow you to submit information about your school's plans to participate in the Toronto Science Fair this year, to allow us to plan appropriately.

  • Each project to be registered on the TSF web-site will require a pre-assigned password. Your school's set of unique passwords will only be emailed to the official contact person for each school who completes the form below.
  • The number of passwords sent in each case will correspond exactly to the number of projects your school is allowed to enter in the TSF Fair. Thus it is very important that you supply complete and correct information in the form below. The email address supplied must be valid, and we encourage you to use the email addresses assigned by your schools where that is possible. An email address that does not function correctly will result in it being impossible for your school's projects to be entered at all.
  • Each password consists solely of four or five upper-case letters. The list of passwords will have blanks between the passwords.
  • One Registration Password must be supplied for each project as it is registered on the web-site. Please ensure that you register projects before the deadline, Wednesday, March 6, 2019.
  • Registration of projects cannot proceed without the corresponding number of passwords.

Participants must live in the City of Toronto (previously known as Metropolitan Toronto, with postal codes beginning with the letter 'M') or attend and represent a school in the City of Toronto. Students living outside Toronto should contact their local regional science fair organization.
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Each school is assigned a fixed quota of projects, as explained elsewhere on this web-site to ensure a fair distribution of places for participation in the All-Toronto Science Fair on Monday, January 7, 2019.
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All rules and regulations will be strictly enforced, and failure to comply with any rule can result in the disqualification of a project from the Fair. In particular you should ensure that project dimensions comply with the rules to avoid disappointment.

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  • Registration Opens Monday, January 7, 2019
  • Registration Closes Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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School Registration Form

  • Items followed by (*) are required. Your form cannot be accepted without this information.
  • Please provide the following information and then SUBMIT this form using the SUBMIT button at the end.
  • Once your information is correct, you must press the button labeled: 'This Information is Correct - SAVE IT and return to Home-Page' to ensure that you data saved in the registration system.

Your set of passwords will be assigned on the basis of your school, so be very careful when selecting your school from the list below. The names listed are those listed by the Ministry of Education for the City of Toronto.

You must select your school from the following list even if you are an independent entry. If your school is selecting participants, then no independent entries are allowed from students in that school.

Independent Entry means a student from a school which has chosen not to participate at all in the TSF events. You must select your school, and provide the information as requested below. We will verify that your school is not holding a science fair before your registration will be accepted.

For Home Schooled participants, select Home School for the school name. See directions below that indicate what information must be entered on this form.

School Science Fair Contact Person

Home Schooled students: put your own name, telephone numbers, and email address in the form below where reference is made to the School Science Fair Contact Person.

Independent Entry Students: put your own name, telephone numbers, and email address in the form below where reference is made to the School Science Fair Contact Person.

School Contact Information

Home Schooled students: Put your parent's or guardian's information in place of the information requested about the Principal.

Independent Entry Students: Enter all the correct information for the School Principal in any case.


Indicate the approximate number of students doing projects in your school at each of the following levels.

Additional Information

Enter additional information.