Toronto Science Fair

Rules and Regulations

Please read these rules carefully. Failure to follow any of them may result in your project being disqualified. By signing the consent form you are indicating that you have read, understood and followed all relevant rules.

Who Can Participate

Presentations at the Fair

Rules for materials allowed to be presented at the fair, including the size of the display.


Special safety regulations must be followed for use of electricity, chemicals, and biological organisms (including plants).


Please follow these rules carefully if you intend to use human or animal subjects. Supervision and consent forms will be required.

Who Can Participate?

School Quotas

Presentations at the Fair

Safety Infographic

No participant is allowed to wear school uniform, or to otherwise overtly identify the school which they attend. A violation of this policy could result in disqualification.

Mentors, or labs where work was carried out should be properly acknowledged but not overtly identified on the project board.

All exhibits, including all accessories, must be confined to a table or floor space not to exceed 0.8 metres, front to back; 1.2 metres side to side; and 3.5 metres maximum height from the floor.