Toronto Science Fair

Silver Medals

Grade 7/8 Silver

Student1 Student2 Project
Anthony Lin - - Perspicuous: Spelling Correction for the 21st Century
Sophia Li Sriya Rajyam Smart Footwear: An Enhancement Tool For Prosthetics
Chantel Scott - - the solar window
Justin Narayan - - Truth or Consequences: Can False Reporting Improve Test Scores?
Cole Anthony Capilongo Andrew Milner Isochronic Tones
Paulina Antsipovitch Sofia Grizay Makeup Removers: Natural Alternative?
Mattan Jin David Walji Is Touch Sensitivity Heightened on Your Dominant Side?
Camille Agpoon Veronica Baduria Heart Rate Recovery Times: Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
Kate Brownbill - - Why Do We Like Video Games?
Nathan Le James Li Damages on Cells Caused by Alcohol
Brianna Gonzalez - - How To Best Absorb Sound
Ivy Lin Ivy Ding Drop the Base
Victor Andrei Lambert - - HeliXplain
Vaanan Murugathas - - Shedding some light on plant growth
Arpsima Aziz - - The effect of music on reaction time.

Grade 9/10 Silver

Student1 Student2 Project
Elaine Ho Erin Christensen Book Germs for Book Worms
Michael Raczkowski - - Building Potential of Textile Concretes
Jude El Hajj - - The walking glove
Rohan Batchu - - An Innovation for the Reduction of the CARbon Footprint
Hanlin Cheng Abirami Sivakanthan Birthing a New Dimension
Mitchell Dalton - - Frequency Dependent Sound Absorption
Manuel Salas - - Set It and Forget It: The Automatic Plant Watering Device
Luca Lichner - - 2D or Not 2D: New Dimensions Of Cell Growth
Serena Habib Suzy Kwak Colourful Insights
Malcolm La Prairie - - Shadow Divergence: Disproving Histories Biggest Conspiracy Theory

Grade 11/12 Silver

Student1 Student2 Project
Matthew Phillips Marc Frame SynapSys - Shared Computation
Evan Cross Lester Kwok What\'s Brewing with Global Warming?
Jessica Lopez Hernandez Bea Ortiz Plantassium
Jana Kurrek - - The Relationship between Temperature and the Growth Rate of Green Microalgae
Labiqah Iftikhar - - Life Band
Catherine Zhang Jason Cao Plants on Drugs (Part 3): Life Support
Tirth Patel Rafiu Billah E. coli Growth Rates in Chemically-Induced Tryptic Soy Agar (TSA)
Aura Comaniciu Amy Wang MelaNOma - NO Sunburns NO Problems