Toronto Science Fair


Welcome students and parents. Thank you for supporting your child through this exciting experience.

These pages are designed to assist you in understanding the Toronto Science Fair (TSF) rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide resources to help your child design, carry out and present a successful science fair project.

Your responsibilities are to:

  1. Support your child's progress by:
    • encouraging your child to begin the Science Fair process well in advance of deadlines - each step of the process will probably take more time than expected.
    • ensuring the project is conducted safely and according to the TSF Safety guidelines. Please review the rules and regulations; specifically, note that students may not bring food or plants to the Science Fair and they must have permission forms for projects involving human participation.
    • helping to gather materials
    • giving advice and providing moral support
  2. Ensure that your child has received a registration password from his/her teacher prior to the registration deadline
  3. Download and sign the mandatory consent form. Your child will bring this signed form on the registration night.

The following is a brief list of resources that may help you as you guide your child through this journey: